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1 Hour Consultation

We spend 30 mins to an hour BEFORE our session evaluating your website, social media, and your questionnaire to give customized feedback. 

30 min Consultation

Before we meet, you submit your top five burning questions you'd like answered. This is simply a Q&A and will not function as a business evaluation. 

You'll get advice from Kim and/or Tim On:

  • Increasing Sales - We have grossed ~$10 Million in sales in 3 years.

  • Scaling your business - We went from $100k annually to $5,500,000 annually in 2 years.

  • Fundraising - We've raised $1.4M + in venture capital

  • Pitching - Close deals that could land you 5, 6, or 7 figures next week.

  • Building Your Team - We manage over 30 Full-Time Employees

  • Pivoting Your Business - We have run 4 startups, a niche social network, a subscription box company, a photography agency, and two e-commerce haircare brands. 

  • E-commerce Marketing & Email Marketing

  • Shark Tank 

  • Content Development - We LIVE Stream weekly, and get 20k - 100k viewers weekly

  • Manufacturing - We create and develop our own products on the West-Side of Chicago



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