Masterclass with Kim - [REPLAY AVAILABLE ONLY]

Masterclass with Kim - [REPLAY AVAILABLE ONLY]


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Masterclass Details

Getting to product-market fit

  • Pain Killer vs. Vitamin – are you “essential”?
  • Learning from customers and figuring out your position in the market
  • Building a community – you need a place to house them
  • Working with influencers – how to start and what not to do

 Scaling to $100k on no ad budget

  • Email Marketing strategy that generates more sales than Facebook
  • Funnel Building, how to think about building them
  • Expo Strategy, when you should and shouldn’t do them

 Advisors & Mentors

  • Monthly Meetings, tracking and reporting for the last 2.5 years
  • Community - they give you ideas and help you avoid mistakes
  • How they’ve helped to provide an objective point of view

 Building a dream team

  • You need to be a marketer and leader
  • First Hires, removing yourself
  • Second Hires, what roles will grow the business
  • Success = Brand. Product. Customer Acquisition.

Investing in paid acquisition

  • How to start and how much you should spend
  • Results to expect when starting and seasonality
  • Mistakes I’ve made and the strategy you should have

 In-Depth Q&A where we work through your specific issues together

  • Venture Capital
  • Coaching
  • Product Development
  • Resources and my review of them
    • Lucky break Consulting – Manufacturing Practices
    • Ezra Firestone – Ecommerce Beauty In-Depth
    • Venture Capital Document – Books and more
    • Million Dollar Don’t Do List – Agencies and more