Monthly Advertising Tracking Sheet For E-commerce Companies (Consumer Packaged Goods)

Monthly Advertising Tracking Sheet For E-commerce Companies (Consumer Packaged Goods)


What is your current CAC? 

If you can't answer this question with certainty, then you absolutely need this download. 

Every investor will ask you this question. 

This question determines how fast you will run out of cash. 

It is the heartbeat of an ecommerce company. 

If it's too high, you might have a heart attack. 

If it's too low, you aren't growing fast enough. 

You need a steady rhythm, and you need something to monitor it. 

Luckily I've developed this awesome tracker for you. 

For the last 2 years, I've used this same document monthly. It takes 1 hour to complete each month and I review it with an advisor or mentor.

It does several important things for the business.

  1. How have your business challenges changed over time? Is it tracked anywhere?
  2. What seasonality in your specific industry are you aware of? And I am not talking about Black Friday, something specific to your niche.
  3. How do you know if your business is suffering from month-to-month?
  4. How do you know if Facebook is better than Pinterest, or Twitter, or Snapchat?
  5. What was your CAC last month? and the month before?
  6. How do you know if you are overspending on a platform?
  7. Do you have goals for your ad spend?
  8. Do you plan to pitch investors? Well then, you don't have a choice but to learn these things. 
  9. Is your accounting all messed up and won't be clean for a while, then this is a great stopgap solution to get a picture of your business while you wait on the balance sheet. 

When you buy this product, you'll get access to my excel workbook with pre-filled cells to make filling it out super easy. 

You can't grow your business if you don't understand how much you can spend to acquire customers. You'll end up overspending on Facebook ads and will be out of business, even though you've just hit a million in sales. You MUST understand the numbers and this document will help you do just that.