The Formula: Chicago Edition!

On this episode I had the honor of chatting with the one and only Kim Lewis, co-founder and CEO of CurlMix. We sat down at CurlMix HQ to chat about her passion for her business, working with her husband Tim, what surprised her most about motherhood, and... you guessed it—her personal Formula for success.

In this clip of our podcast, we spoke with Kim and Tim Lewis about their entrepreneurial journey to creating CurlMix. We discuss everything from their first failed business, and how they used Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to fund it. They then appeared on Shark Tank, season 10, episode 14, to secure more funding for CurlMix. However, they unapologetically turned down Robert Herjavec because they didn't think his valuation was fair. It is a story filled surprises you aren't expecting. So, check out the episode!

Kim discusses her early interest in entrepreneurship, dives deep into the company's early days, and discusses the PIVOT that changed the company's trajectory for the better. Kim opens up about the keys to growing and scaling your company and why there is power in saying NO. (The couple walked away from a deal on SharkTank in 2019 with no hesitation!) You'll learn how Kim was able to MAKE it happen and own a Curlmix manufacturing facility in Chicago, employ workers full-time and make an impactful dent in the haircare space as a Black female entrepreneur.

Tim and Kimberly Lewis are the co-founders of CurlMix, a clean beauty brand for curly hair. They were featured on Season 10 of Shark Tank, a critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy Award-winning reality show. With a bachelor’s degree in Logistics & Marketing from the University of Illinois and a relentless drive, Kim has bootstrapped CurlMix to over a million in sales in just 12 months. Shortly after Shark Tank, Kim also raised a seed investment of $1.2M from the CEO of LinkedIn and other partners and grew CurlMix to over $5.5 Million in sales in a calendar year. Recently Kim was featured on Forbes 30 Under List and gave birth to her second baby boy in 2 years.


The CurlMix team explains why they need a Shark to invest with them.